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Saturday, March 29, 2014

Encore une fois, 29 Mar 2014

Well, it's happened again.  It's 4:30, this time, and here I am at the computer.  I could have been here at 3:00, but that was just when Tobi got me up for one of his nightly walk-arounds (that's right--I'm talking AM, friend.)  My usual response in these cases is to get up, let him out the front door, and set up a folding chair in front of the door to await, in semi-consciousness, his return in a few minutes.  I then let him in, secure the door, and stumble back to bed.  If all goes well, I'm back in la-la land in short order.  If it doesn't, I often lapse into an inescapable period of semi-wakeful musings that end up with me sitting up, like tonight (now,) awaiting the kick-in of a few valerian root capsules.   This usually takes about 30 minutes. 

What happened?  Late yesterday wife Jennie asked me if I had seen son Ed's latest UTube event .  I hadn't, and since my trusty laptop is so loaded down with startup stuff that it works verrry slooowly except when I use it in "Safe Mode," and since "Safe Mode" does not provide audio, I sat down to watch Ed's "Happy Birthday Amy" with wife Jennie on her computer.  We then moved on to "Making cups" from niece-in-law Nell (For a really unique coffee cup for your work desk, check this one out.)  Another good watch.  with all this UTube (make that YouTube) activity, it was only natural that at 3:?? in the morning, my thoughts again turned to UTube.  It seems a couple of things I would like to preserve there have been put off and put off until they became fodder for a morningbrain episode.  

Usually when the muse attacks at this time of day, I make a notation of the offending thought and do a roll-over.  This didn't work today, and after an hour and a half of semiconscious ramblings, seeing both paperpersons (one of the AikenStandard and one of the Augusta Chronicle persuasion) drive by leaving their headlight tracks on my window shades, I ended up here waiting on my chemical solution to the problem to kick in. 

I look at my note paper and find "UTube," "Shark Teethers," "Dumdrop song," "Police prep to shoot" and "Scars."   All of these remind me of my sleep-depriving ramblings except "Scars."  I remember writing it down, but, other than its being the title of a CD from wife's bronco-busting cousin, Jon Luse (try it, you'll like it), it now brings nothing to mind.  

Well--here comes Tobi again.  Guess I'll go out with him and pick up the paper.  When I come back in, I'll try the bed again.  Three more hours would help.  More on this later, maybe.  If you share my early-morning ailment, good luck.  If you find a good cure, I'd like to hear from you.  Morningbrain does give me an opportunity to express myself in ways I probably would not do in the dead of day, but I guess there always can be too much of a good thing.  I know during these times I often feel I'm getting too much of a good thing--especially when I have something important to do the next day. 

And, by the way, it is the "next day" now, 5 hours later than when the above was written, and I remember my "Scars" refers to the condition of our Hitchcock Woods following last month's ice storm and the subsequent work done by the Hitchcock Woods staff to restore the trails.  I guess I'll have to schedule some time out there to see how things are.  I always enjoy taking the time to Take a walk in the woods . There will be time for UTube later.