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Tuesday, April 4, 2017

DJT--naaaa, DAT

Guess I should start off with an “Oh, No!  Not again,” but then I would not feel comfortable using this in this particular Blog, now would I?  If there’s a question there, the answer is, “Yes, I guess that’s right.” 

Seems like my dog and my wife conspired to get this “Morningbrain” entry written.  At least that’s the way it seems, sitting here at 3:15 in the AM.  Wife has a problem with her dreams.  Which is to say, when she is having a bad one, she feels the need to “share.”  And when she “shares,” sometimes, just sometimes, Dog feels the need to put in his two cents too. 

Now, wife’s sharing is bad enough—often it is on the order of a “STEVE, WHAT THE?”  And this brings on the arf, arf…arf, Arf, ARF!  Which continues, in an escalating manner, until “ARF, ARF,…ARF, ARF, ARF! Etc, Etc, results in me, me, me getting up and trying to calm things down.  Well, I’m happy to say, I have been successful.  At least for a while.  Wife and Dog are both sawing logs.  But me?  OH, NOOOO.  

So “Morningbrain” takes over.  And what subject does it choose?  DJT.  (Not again, you say!)  (Yes, again, I say.)

Now, Dee, Jay, Tee is not exactly what I want to discuss, it is just what the brain picked out while I was trying to sleep through the occasional wife-dog middle-of-the-night shout-bark-around.  It is not a subject I care much for, it is just one that seems more than ubiquitous in today’s American society, for one reason or another.  Kee-Rap is my thought, though.  Still, considering the why behind the now, it is what I’m stuck with.

DJT (pronounce all the letters separately,) it’s what we are hearing today.  I guess “the Donald” just got tired of people simply referring to him as just plain ole “DT,” and when he realized this, he put out the word to his altogether-too-many surrogates to always add that middle-of-the-initial “J.”  At least that’s how it seems.  OK, “D, J, T,” if that’s what you want, that’s what you get, but, as Fred G. Sanford might have pointed out, “and the 'J' stands for 'Just ain’t right!' ” 

Now, if the “J” just ain’t right, what might we suggest as a replacement?  Well, why not go with a vowel?  If you try to pronounce “D-J-T,” you gotta admit, you’re going to have to slip in just a little bit of vowel somewhere, right?  So, instead of slipping in one of the little buggers, why not just go with an out-and-out substitution?  OK.  Problem solved, at least in part.   Let’s start with a “u,” and back up from there. 

“D-U-T?”  Why not?  Dut, Dut, widdle Trump, dut-dut, dut-dut you said?  No, not a “u”—definitely not—try something else, instead.

“D-O-T?” Dot, dot?  No, no, not that, not that at all, you say.  A morse code “S” is not the sound we want, for our President today.

“D-I-T?” Dit, dit?  The problem here is how it might rhyme, and we’re not thinking ‘bout spit.  The rhyme won’t do, so neither will “Dit” one more down, highly unfit.

“D-E-T?” Well, Det’s not too bad—it’s just (shall we say) too easy.  Let’s go with an “a,” and see what we’ve got—detraction’s defin-it-ly sleazy.

“D-A-T?” Yes! Dat’s it! Just what we need today.  You tell him, say, ‘tis the American way, Dat’s fine, dat’s good, dat’s OK.

Well, now that we’ve solved that minor problem, guess we might just see what we can do with the post.  No real problem there (tomorrow morning will be just fine.)  Wife’s fine, she’s back in bed asleep.  Dog’s fine, he’s the same down by my feet.  All that’s needed now is for this old man, somehow, to get back to bed to sleep (while our other two, too, do the same.)

On the couch, maybe?  Fine.  4:40 now.  Let’s see how long this might last.  And, as for that “A,” as Fred G. might say,  “and the “A’s” for Atrocious (much better than “J.”)  Just the thing for our Billionaire with the "common touch."  (It's Great, just Great! that way.)  

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  1. Hey, he just did something right. May cause major problems for us, but those tomahawks to that Syrian airstrip definitely makes a statement.