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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

I know what you're doing

When you pull up to that stop light and a car pulls up beside you, you naturally look over toward the other driver, right?  So what do you think when all you see is a darkened window pane?  I'll tell you what I think:  I think, "That sucka's done that for a reason," that's what I think, yes, sir! 

So, other than the obvious, "I can see you but you can't see me," what do we have?  A simple list might include:  1) I'm a movie star, or 2) I look like a movie star, or 3)  I don't look like a movie star, but I wish I did, and I want you to think I look like a movie star.  4, 5, just like 1, 2, but substitute "well known indicted politician" for "movie star," and the list goes on.

Eventually, we come to my favorite reason, "I'm picking my nose." 

Why is this one my favorite?  Well, it just is.  When faced with one of those anonymity panes, I console myself with my favorite answer and think, "He's probably over there picking his nose or something."  This gives me an immediate feeling of superiority (I'm not picking mine) and gives the nose picker a smiley face to look at in the car next to his as an unintended consequence of his decision to tint his windows.

Now--what do you think he's thinking?  I think he's thinking, "What does that guy think is so funny?"

Nose pickers--ya gotta love 'em.


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