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Saturday, October 1, 2011

family humor

Several years ago, my wife, Jennie, bought her father a gag gift, "Big Mouth Billie Bass."  At age 93, he was not particularly impressed with Billy's rendition of "Take me to the river, throw me in the water," which played whenever its motion sensor was activated.
Billy sat around gathering dust until, in a bit of mischievous inspiration, Jennie asked me to hang it by our toilet.  Giving the matter due consideration (wife in the middle of the night?) I hung it.

A bit later, during a family get-together, we adults were sitting in the living room when 3-year old Dillon rushed in, pants somewhat askew (and more than somewhat wet,) pointing back toward the bathroom shouting "Fish!"

So much for imagination--right response, wrong responder. 

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